What is freeze-dried specialty coffee?

We start with hand-roasted, direct trade coffee, and state-of-the-art brewing equipment.⁠ After precision brewing, the coffee is freeze-dried in an oxygen and chemical free environment.⁠ You're then left with a water soluble powder aka perfectly brewed coffee, in powder form. 


But I’ve already got a coffee machine at home, why would I buy this?

Well you don’t just have one knife in the drawer do you? The big machine at home is your best chef’s knife for when you’re preparing a feast or cutting up a heap of veggies. Brill is like that little nifty paring knife, to cut the top of strawberries, agile, responsive, quick, silent.

Coffee in a couple of seconds, no mess. Kinda like those pod machines except way tastier and minus the landfill.


Do you guys offer a subscription service?

Not at the moment, but we have the option for you to buy multiple jars at a cheaper rate.


What does it taste like?

While all of our blends and single origin coffees will have different tasting notes, the best way to compare it is between a long black and a filter coffee (pour over/batch brew). Think of it like we’re your favourite barista in a jar and all you need is a teaspoon, kettle and cup.


Do you ship Internationally?

Yes, we do! 


What is the shelf life?

Freeze-drying a product seperates moisture from the dry ingredient. This means there's zero moisture left, allowing for a very stable and long shelf-life. The Brill jars have a 2+ year shelf life.


Do you add chemicals?

Abolutely not. Our coffee is 100% chemical free and we use water as a solvent during the extraction process. There are no preservatives or fillers, compared to that gross supermarket stuff (Nescaf....what?)


Award-winning coffee?

We have 13 different awards for our branding. You can read more about it here


How do I make a cup of instant brilliance?

What you’ll need for a cup of Brill:

Cup, water, 3g of Brill.

Step 1: Heat water

(Specialty coffee experts recommend 88 degrees, however you do you, who are we to tell you how to live your life)

Step 2: Add half a teaspoon of Brill.

Step 3: Pour in water and stir

Step 4: Add milk or drink straight.

We don’t want to stop you there. You can reconstitute to espresso strength and make a flat white. You can even mix it with vodka and make an espresso martini. You can bake with it. It dissolves in hot or cold liquids with agitation, and it’s a super versatile, fun, easy, and accessible way to interact with specialty coffee.