What's Brill and who's behind it?

What's Brill and who's behind it?

Hey! Joel here, one of the founders of Brill.

In between a very busy life and trying to balance between family, work and more work... and more family, I've decided to start writing a Brill blog (anything to do with Brill is going to be brill, FYI). These blogs will tie into our Newsletter, which will be reaching your emails within the couple of months and it gives us a chance to connect with our customer base and allow a more personal touch to the Brill e-commerce store. Both Dan and I are very much used to working in environments with face-to-face customer service, so we're exploring more ways to connect with our audience and to hopefully bring this community closer and more engaged. 

What is Brill? 

We are obsessed with coffee. We go to bed thinking about the first cup we get to drink the next morning. If you’re like us, then you’ll love Brill.

Brill was created to help people who love their coffee, but can’t be bothered or don't have time brewing their own, or find themselves spending way too much money on takeaway coffee. 

We start by sourcing only specialty grade coffee from a direct trade coffee source, then we carefully roast the coffee and use state-of-the-art brewing equipment for the extraction.⁠ After brewing, the coffee is freeze-dried in a chemical free environment and hand packed.⁠ No brewing equipment or grinder necessary, just add water or your favourite milk. It's the easiest way to brew specialty coffee. 

We know there's a stigma around instant coffee and we knew we would face a pretty big challenge in trying to convince people that Brill isn't shit and that it's actually bloody delicious. Slowly, but surely, we are winning over more and more customers.

Who's behind Brill? 

We’re Joel Brilliant (yes, his legal name) & Dan Rowell. The creators of Brill. We’ve been friends since we were 13 years old and have shared a love of good coffee since we were about 21.

Joel has worked in the coffee industry for over a decade. Working as a barista, roaster and running one of Brisbane’s best specialty coffee outlets.

Joel has spent the last 5 years in production manufacturing using the latest in food technology to create stuff that is not only ridiculously tasty, but also good for you. Like vegan chocolate with probiotics. Science!

Dan has worked in Advertising and Marketing for almost 13 years, working at a full-service creative agency on some national brands and since gone on to found his own design studio, DSR Branding, specialising in Brand Identity, Strategy & Design.

When Joel approached Dan with the concept of instant specialty coffee, Dan thought Joel had rocks in his head. How could he get behind something which he’d never drink. A self-proclaimed coffee snob, drinking long blacks, pour overs, V60, and filter coffee made carefully on his Moccamaster, Dan wasn’t going to start flogging some instant stuff for a quick buck.

But then he tried it… The rest is history.

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