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Brill Coffee

Happy Days Blend 60g (Instant Coffee)

Happy Days Blend 60g (Instant Coffee)

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We start by sourcing only specialty grade coffee from a direct trade coffee source, then we carefully roast the coffee and use state-of-the-art brewing equipment for the extraction.⁠ After brewing, the coffee is freeze-dried in a chemical free environment and hand packed.⁠ No brewing equipment or grinder necessary, just add water or your favourite milk. Enjoy world-class coffee anywhere, in an instant.

Developed using Ethiopian, Brazilian and Colombian coffees. Body from Brazil, Acidity from Ethiopia and a more-ish smooth finish from the Colombians. The Happy Days Blend is a balanced and sweet-tasting cup. 

Servings per jar: 20

To brew: Add 3g (roughly half a teaspoon) to 200-300ml of hot water or milk. Stir and enjoy. Alternatively, make it however you want 🙂 

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