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Brill Coffee

Ethiopia, Mohammed Aba Nura

Ethiopia, Mohammed Aba Nura

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We're stoked to bring you this epic coffee from Mohammed Aba Nura, a legend and key player in the game-changing Tokuma group over in Agaro, Ethiopia. This crew of local farmers is absolutely nailing it when it comes to quality and knowing exactly where their coffee comes from. Mohammed's brew is a real standout, a super clean cup with complex flavours, featuring delicious notes of blueberry, rich dark chocolate, and a zesty hit of orange.

Tasting notes: Blueberry, Dark Chocolate, Orange

Recommended espresso recipe: 

  • Dose: 20-22g ground coffee
  • Yield: 42-48g extracted coffee
  • Time: 26-32 seconds

Recommended filter recipe:

  • Dose: 15g ground coffee
  • Yield: 250g water
  • Time: ~3mins 30secs

Country: Ethiopia
Coffee region: Omafuntulay Kebele, Gomma District, Agaro, Woreda, Jimma Zone, Oromia
Elevation: 2,000-2,100 masl
Variety: JARC 74110
Processing: Natural
Producer: Mohammed Aba Nura 


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