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Brill Coffee

Colombia Campo Hermoso (Special Release)

Colombia Campo Hermoso (Special Release)

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Colombia, Campo Hermoso (Wush Wush) - This coffee is super rare and we only have a limited amount on hand (hence the price tag). With a taste reminiscent of grape bubblegum, this coffee is insanely delicious and sure to delight your senses.

For the Natural Process, cherries are harvested at a 23-24° Brix level. They are soaked in water for 2 hours, followed by anaerobic fermentation in tanks for 16 hours. The coffee is then sun-dried on African beds for 22-24 days until the humidity reaches 10.5%. Final humidity stabilization occurs inside a warehouse in Fique Bags for 8-10 days. The coffee is then stored in GrainPro bags for an additional 8-10 days for final stabilisation. Finally, the coffees are cupped, lots are organised, vacuum-packed, and prepared for export.

Tasting notes: Grape Bubblegum

Recommended espresso recipe: 

  • Dose: 20-22g ground coffee
  • Yield: 42-48g extracted coffee
  • Time: 26-32 seconds

Recommended filter recipe:

  • Dose: 15g ground coffee
  • Yield: 250g water
  • Time: ~3mins 30secs

Country: Colombia
Coffee region: Quinidio
Elevation: 1650 MASL
Variety: Wush Wush
Processing: Natural
Farmers: Edwin Norena

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