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Brazil Jean Vilhena Lot 02

Brazil Jean Vilhena Lot 02

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Brazil Jean Vilhena Lot 02 is an absolute banger! This coffee is beautiful and has such a standout of sweet and fruity flavours. Jean Vilhena (farmer) is up there with the best when it comes to Anaerobic Fermentation. This coffee has all of the sweetness, without the overwhelming booziness that usually comes from extended fermentation. 

Tasting notes: Mango, candied berries and dark chocolate

Recommended espresso recipe: 

  • Dose: 20-22g ground coffee
  • Yield: 42-48g extracted coffee
  • Time: 26-32 seconds

Recommended filter recipe:

  • Dose: 15g ground coffee
  • Yield: 250g water
  • Time: ~3mins 30secs

Country: Brazil
Coffee region: Ibiraci
Elevation: 1,240m above sea level
Variety: Yellow Bourbon
Processing: Anaerobic Fermentation
Farmer: Jean Vilhena
Washing station owner: 

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Located in the Alta Mogiana region, the farm is within 3 different municipalities:
Ibiraci, Cassia and Capetinga. At Ibiraci, Jean focuses 100% on high grade specialty coffee, having separated driers for micro-lots only and 6000 m2 of raised beds.

For this lot, Jean kept the coffee fermenting in laid barrels with a specific strain of yeast. Under this controlled environment, the yeast fermentation adds in slight booziness flavours to boost the coffees body, while also providing outstanding sweetness.

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