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Brill Coffee

Brazil, Eduardo Tozi

Brazil, Eduardo Tozi

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Eduardo Vettorazzi Tozi, a Cup of Excellence finalist and Best of Brazil winner, is the mastermind behind this delicious coffee from Sítio Floresta. This unique brew features tantalising notes of poached pear, raspberry, and rhubarb. Eduardo is a fourth-generation farmer, and he continues the family tradition that began with his Italian great-grandparents. They were the first in their family to set roots in Espírito Santo, Brazil, back in 1880. Upon their arrival, they pioneered coffee cultivation in the mountains of the region, thereby laying the foundation for the vibrant coffee culture Espírito Santo is renowned for today.

Tasting notes: Poached Pear, Raspberry, Rhubarb

Recommended espresso recipe: 

  • Dose: 20-22g ground coffee
  • Yield: 42-48g extracted coffee
  • Time: 26-32 seconds

Recommended filter recipe:

  • Dose: 15g ground coffee
  • Yield: 250g water
  • Time: ~3mins 30secs

Country: Brazil
Coffee region: Espírito Santo 
Farm: Sítio Floresta
Elevation: 1000masl
Variety: Catuai
Processing: Washed
Farmers: Eduardo Tozi


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