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Filter - Brazil Santo Antonio
Filter - Brazil Santo Antonio
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Filter - Brazil Santo Antonio

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Brazil Santo Antonio is the type of coffee you drink and go "holy sh*t, this has so much flavour". This coffee is perfect for home brewers that like a little funk in their morning cup. 

Tasting notes: Tropical fruits, papaya, pineapples and blueberry acidity, with a boozy body.

Country: Brazil, Campos Das Vertentes
Province: Campo das Vertentes, Minas Gerais
Elevation: 1160m above sea level
Variety: Red Mundo Novo
Processing: Natural-Aerobic Fermentation
Owner: Pedro Gabarra


Santo Antonio farm was inherited by the Gabarra family in 1994, and Pinhal was acquired in 1997. Together they total an area of 1286Ha, at an altitude of 905 to 1180 meters.


Pedro comes from a family with more than 150 years coffee farming experience. A sixth generation Brazilian coffee farmer, his involvement with the coffee industry began in 2001 when he began coffee bean roasting during his university years. After graduating in 2004, Pedro’s father encouraged him to join the family business. He spent a couple of years learning about the industry and the commercial aspects, and later became fully involved in all production aspects of the family farms.

Pedro’s emphasis on quality comes from his father, always aiming to improve the quality of the coffee each year, with a focus on being open to new processes and ideas. At the same time, his commitment to the environment comes from his mother. Pedro is proud to be able to provide quality, traceable, single-origin coffee.


Pedro’s family is committed to protecting the natural habitats around his farms and educating the community on the importance of preservation. His sister Mariana is involved in ongoing projects to create environmental awareness and improving the relationship between workers and their families, with the hope of a better future for the generations who follow. Having many social projects in place provides a platform to improve workers’ wellbeing.


Pedro can proudly claim his coffee farms to be Carbon-Free. His Pinhal farm was named Brazil’s most sustainable farm in 2019. Whilst only legally required to preserve 20% of the land by Brazilian legislation, Pedro’s Pinhal and Santo Antonio farms preserve in excess of 40% of their land. A further 70Ha is dedicated to the SOS Mata Atlantica Project. Local children are involved in tree planting as part of Children’s Education Program. Pedro’s farms continually focus on improving methods of controlling soil erosion.

PROJECTS include:                                                     

  • Solar energy
  • Waste management
  • Water management
  • Forest development
  • Environmental education
  • Research support
  • ASAS Wings Project